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New Era campaign - #wereignasone

2019 has been a busy year so far. In January I travelled out to America to shoot a new campaign for New Era with the brilliant Studio Juice. We embarked on three cities, Boston, New York and LA to bring a fan’s eye view of what being from that city is all about. Each city has its own identity which sets it apart from all others. Peoples attitudes to their lives and their cities are shaped through Baseball and the culture it brings.

People from the cities live and breathe sports in one way or another. The Baseball cap has transcended all sports to become an icon its own right. The New Era cap is a phenomenon, they are the official caps of Major League Baseball (MLB), American Football (NFL), Basketball (NBA) and now Football (Soccer) too. So as you can see, the Baseball cap is a monster icon it its own right.

To show us around we had three wonderful locals to each city that gave us their views on what it means to be from their towns. Timmy Sneaks from Boston is a multimedia graphic artist who is changing the face of art in Boston. Starting out as a tattoo artist he has stepped into the fine art world to bridge the gap between gallery and street. His art is bold, brash and wall to wall maximum colour.

Next up in New York we met up with Remy Banks from Queens, NYC. Remy has been a Yankees fan all his life despite living in part of New York that revolves heavily around the Mets. To Remy though it’s not a decision he made, it’s just a way of life that chose him. To sit in the empty Yankees Stadium with him and hear his stories was a truly wonderful experience I won’t forget.

Lastly but certainly not least we traveled to LA to talk Dodgers with Sierra Prescott, a local photographer and dam good skateboarder. What became apparent over the trip that more than anything the city emblem meant more that anything to each of our guides. The identity each city badge brings creates a community. No matter where you go, if you wear the cap then you let people know a little bit about you. Where you’re from, your team and that is a great conversation starter with any stranger. It’s nice to feel like you belong and wear your heart on your sleeve or hat.

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