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Speedway summers

This project has sparked a fascination with old fashioned, petrol guzzling, all out racing. It was the embryonic start of thinking about sport from a different angle. Sport for participation, sport for the love, sport you have a chance of winning. These riders race most of the year round in various disciplines and codes. Thankfully when I met them they were deep into their Speedway season. It wasn’t premier league racing or facilities but that shouldn’t take any of the shine off of what they do. They are the guys striving to be somewhere, to push themselves to another level and competing on talent and bravery alone. There is so little difference to their bikes that it does become about the skill and determination of the riders. Some of them move from one track to the next living a nomadic lifestyle without really setting any roots. It can be quite a lonely place to be but they live for the team and the race. Togetherness is something I found along with deep passion for this very basic but highly skilled racing.

This project has led me to racing of all kinds which i’ll post more of as time goes on.