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David Byrne - American Utopia Tour

I’ve shot a lot of music shows so to stand out in my memory it has to be a good one. Slipknot, Rammstein, Skepta, Stormzy, Kylie, Take That, they’re all very special shows for all kinds of different reasons. But this show was just a little bit different to the rest. It’s charm is what disarms you. It’s simplicity is what makes this stand out and bring so much joy. No lasers, no pyro, no co2, no glitter, just beautiful light and stage presence. You totally zone into the music and get swept up in its journey as an art piece.

You may have seen the reviews, you may even have seen it, you probably know someone who has and is as gushing as I’m being. Do yourself a favour, even if you think you know nothing about David or Talking Heads, go check it out when you can. Be prepared for an epiphany!

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