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New Era - London Series

It’s been an absolute pleasure to be a part of this project since the end of last year. Major League Baseball is coming to London in a big showcase series between the iconic New York Yankees and current World Series Champions, the Boston Red Sox.

New Era are part of the cultural make-up of Baseball and America. If you have a baseball cap it’s most likely one of theirs. If it isn’t then it’s just not the same. Their brand is for the everyday wearer, fans of sporting teams and places we love. The cap transcends sport really, culturally its a phenomenon.

But what about the sport? Well, London and the UK is about to get it’s first true taste. We’ve had the NFL and NBA have their time to shine, now it’s all about MLB. This summer is where they take their World Series to a new audience and I for one can’t wait.

These images were taken around London with the London Mets back in May. Based in Finsbury Park, their season is in full swing so if you’re curious or want to give Baseball a go then get in touch with them.

The London Series is being played at the London Stadium 29-30th June 2019