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MLB Detroit Tigers

Late last year I managed to take a trip out to one of my favourite places to shoot, Detroit. The trip was the start of what has become a bit of a monster set of projects with Studio Juice, New Era and MLB.

I had been to Detroit a few years ago to see what the place was like for myself. I went there with a friend on a photographers holiday traveling from Chicago, Gary, Indianapolis and Detroit. What we found back in 2009 was a bankrupt city but a spirit like no other. Yes it’s a hard place to be, it has so many problems but when I returned ten years later was a city starting to thrive. It still has progressive problems with crime, drugs and all the usual things a major city sees. But the charm is undeniable.

The Detroit Tigers have been a shining light throughout this time and are a major point of reference for us to focus on. Baseball probably isn’t something we’re familiar with in the UK. We have our traditional sports such as Cricket so taking on more has always been a stretch too far for some reason.

Baseball is a huge worldwide phenomenon. It’s fashion culture permeates through our everyday lives. We wear the caps, we wear the varsity jackets. So it’s nice to be a part of a project that highlights all we love about Baseball even when we don’t follow it. The chances are though after the MLB London Series hits town this week we’ll be chatting a lot more about the Yankees and the Redsox.