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Wimbledon x OPPO for British GQ

I recently had a slightly left field commission by GQ to go to Wimbledon and test drive the new OPPO Reno 5g phone. I was curious, i’ve never been to Wimbledon first and foremost and the task of capturing it on a phone was too enticing a challenge to turn down.

OK, so i’m a pro photographer, so ditching my cameras and solely using a phone felt so odd. I had so many questions about control of exposure, sharpness, reaction time, capture lag. But once I let go the camera phone became intuitive, yes it’s clearly not the same quality as a pro DSLR but it was fun to use. I started to use it as a point and shoot as OPPO intend you to do so. I have to say I started to have fun, the functionality was great, the zoom was incredible and the burst mode perfect for action shots.

There has been some controversy in that the official Wimbledon photographer, Jed Leicester, is capturing all aspects of the event on the same phone. No cameras, no big lenses just this phone with an excellent camera. And you know what, he’s getting some incredible shots. Is it a DSLR killer? I don’t know about that but it is very interesting to see how things stand with point and shoot technology.

Wimbledon though, what a place. I’d heard how traditional the event was but my it didn't disappoint. The detail there is so brilliant to drink in.