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The Peaky Blinders for The Gentleman's Journal

In anticipation of the launch of series 5 of smash BBC hit The Peaky Blinders I was asked to shoot three of the shows actors for The Gentleman’s Journal. I love the show and I jumped at the chance to create these images with a wonderful team from the magazine.

The concept was based around Australian mugshot photos from the early 1900’s so this really was a test of understanding how they were shot and how to achieve something similar. As they were shot on old plate cameras the focus and lighting, which is just daylight, on the face of it makes things very simple but nowadays actually quite costly. So how do we do it without a huge cost but still achieve a look that we’re happy with? Old lenses and tilt shift lenses seemed like the best way. I’ve seen tilt shift used in a super polished way in recent times but stripping everything back to black and white and rough edits really creates something that photoshop can’t.

We’re all used to super slick and photoshop so it was great to change up the approach to a portrait shoot and play with characters too. Of course there’s a good nod to the show in the actors approach to the shoot. It was fun to see them run through that process and it’s something they definitely enjoyed.

Thanks to Harry Kirton, Jack Rowan and Daryl McCormack for making the images as characterful as they are. You were brilliant to work with and made my life very easy.

You can see the feature online by clicking here

Art Direction - Joseph Sinclair Parker

Stylist - Billie Cronin

Hair - Jody Taylor

Grooming - Amy Brandon

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