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Arcadia at Wilderness 2019

There are many things that Wilderness Festival in the UK get right but a right good spectacle is top of the tree! I’ve had a summer rammed with festival work with Fanatic as per usual so it’s nice to be thrown into extra special things to aim my cameras at. I’ll be splashing load of images on the blog soon but for now i’m showcasing some work I did this weekend at the wonderful Wilderness festival for Fanatic.

This year saw them collaborate with the team at Arcadia who are famous for their work at Glastonbury and parties around the world. For this year’s spectacle they brought a taste of their Metamorphosis show to Cornbury Park. Over the years I’ve been to Wilderness I’ve been blessed with some awesome sights, challenging to capture but that just makes it all the sweeter when we get the results. We’ve seen opera singers on 50ft tall animatronic puppets, bonfires to end all bonfires, lasers a bond villain would start a war with and high wires engulfed in flames. It’s been a wild ride and this is another spectacular chapter in the many created at this brilliant festival.

I’m usually tasked with getting the wide production shot but this time I was asked to get amongst the action and capture the crowds POV. Now, I haven’t seen this before so, we have production meetings to try and paint a picture in our minds of what we’re going to see. Bt it really does come down to guess work and anticipation. With such a big structure trying to figure out the best angles is just muscle memory and you have to think fast on your feet.

Being amongst the action is a buzz but it often leaves you wondering what these shows actually look like from afar. How it translates to the wider audience. For me, it was a thrill and something that i’d love to shoot again.