Andrew Whitton - Commercial photographer
Award winning UK based commercial, lifestyle photographer. Working with worldwide brands.

New Era - LA Dodgers - Sierra Prescott

The New Era cap is an icon in itself. Legions of sports fans, fashionistas and sports stars wear them day in day out. They wear them to work, to the shops, to watch sport and to play sport. Like nothing else the baseball cap has become a symbol or identity and belonging.

The campaign stars three home-grown ambassadors who tell a rich story of their city culture. Boston-born Timmy Sneaks put his city on the map with an urban take on pop art. L.A.’s own Sierra Prescott embodies the Land of Dreams as a skateboarder and photographer while Queens native Remy Banks represents the next wave of NYC rap culture. Their roots might be different, but they all take the winning mentality of their team and live their city to the max.

Here’s a selection of images from our time with LA Dodgers fan Sierra Prescott giving us her own personal perspective of life in LA. Along with her serious skills as a skate boarder she’s also a great photographer. She’s proof that what ever you dare to dream you can make a reality.