Andrew Whitton - Commercial photographer
Award winning UK based commercial, lifestyle photographer. Working with worldwide brands.


Location campaign shoot with innovative trainer brand, Vivobarefoot. They produce footwear with comfort in mind but science to back up their mantra.

'Nature has already designed the perfect bit of kit, YOUR FEET.

Less shoe more you.'

VIVO15-AWH-3983 TUMBLR.jpg
VIVO15-AWH-1407 TUMBLR.jpg
VIVO15-AWH-2317 TUMBLR.jpg
VIVO15-AWH-3879-2 TUMBLR.jpg
VIVO15-AWH-1993 TUMBLR.jpg
VIVO15-AWH-1874 TUMBLR.jpg
VIVO15-AWH-2239 TUMBLR.jpg
VIVO15-AWH-2286 TUMBLR.jpg
VIVO15-AWH-4151-2 TUMBLR.jpg
VIVO15-AWH-4709 TUMBLR.jpg
VIVO15-AWH-3264 TUMBLR.jpg